Papers Session 5: Livestock Production, Efficiency and Marketing

  • Chair: Florence Nherera-Chokuda

    Venue 2 – Conference Room 2




    8:45-10:30 Venue 2 – Conference Room 2
    Contributed Papers Session 5

    “Livestock Production, Efficiency and Marketing”

    Chair: Florence Nherera-Chokuda
    8:45-9:05 -“Beef cattle fattening using fodder based ration”

    Dube S., Thwala M., Lukhele A., Sihlongonyane M., Sihlongonyane N., Mkhombe R.

    9:05-9:25 -“Measuring impact of access to livestock services on technical efficiency of small-ruminant production in rural Ethiopia”

    Kassie G.T., Rischkowsky B., Haile A., Yitayih M., Legesse G., Fantaye Y.

    9:25-9:45 -“The various problems associated into financing livestock production in the northern Nigeria”

    Oke M.A.

    9:45-10:05 -“Market channel choice decision in Botswana cattle markets”

    Bahta S., Temoso O., Gatsoswe K.

    10:05-10:25 -“Social networks and fodder innovations to enhance animal performance in communal areas dairy value chain systems”

    Nherera-Chokuda F.V., Muya M.C., Mantji M., Maphahla V.V., Makgobatlou G.M., Mbi N.M.

    10:25-10:30 Wrap-up